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Opening A Bank Account - Cross Border (OBA-cb) Demo App

STORK 2.0 e-Banking Pilot

The purpose of OBA-cb Demo Application is to provide a generic, fully functional, transparent environment that supports all operations related to the opening of a cross-border bank account, as defined by STORK 2.0 e-Banking Pilot

The application should be considered an in-vivo demonstration of how a Bank located in one EU country, can provide to EU citizens-residents of another EU country, the possibility to easily set-up a new local bank account by using STORK 2.0 infrastructures facilities to identify and electronically submit a request. It is designed to:
  • Include all the steps that a Bank needs to deploy OBA cross-border operations, by interconnecting its own IT infrastructure with STORK 2.0 facilities. 
  • To be used from any EU country, so to engage many EU-citizens to familiarize with the process of opening cross-border bank accounts.

Use and Test

Read Me ‎(OBA-cb demo app Help Pages)‎

+ Development Team

The application has been developed by a group of researchers working with the University of the Aegean. 
- Core Team: Panagiotis PAPASOTIRIOUPetros KAVASSALISStelios LELIS 
- In Collaboration with: ICT314 (Athens, Greece)
- Contribution to application design and user feedback evaluation: Anastasia CONSTANTELOU, Costas PANOU, Andreas ANDRIKOPOULOS