i4M Lab - Information Management Lab at UAegean

The i4M Lab is a research lab primarily hosted in the Dpt of Financial and Management Engineering at the University of the AegeanThe research team is drawn from faculty, researchers as well as post- and graduate students from all parts of the scientific community of the School of Business, especially from the Dpt of Shipping, Trade and Transport.

i4M Research focuses on the design, development, management and use of Information Technology (IT) and IT-based Service Systems  in complex organizations, including government, industry value chains and value systems, inter-organizational business processes for SMEs and large enterprises. Recent work includes applications (not an exhaustive list) in e-government, e-logistics and e-prescribing for health.

i4M Research Strategy is essentially interdisciplinary: i4M aims to develop systematic means of analyzing, modeling, designing and engineering systems where ICT is intertwined with social structure, economic principles, business strategies and public policy priorities.

i4M main Research Topics include: Business Process Modeling and Automation, e-Identity and Privacy Management, Service Systems Modeling and Engineering (Science of Services), Intelligent Transportation Systems, Economics and Management of Technical Change, IT Innovation and Public Policies in the Digital Era.

i4M Research Outcome is high level applied research driving sustainable growth and competitiveness. The Lab is factored to foster links with the industry and the government, to act as an intermediary platform between faculty and students interested to the above issues and industry, research and government bodies; links include: Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), Ericsson Hellas SA, Microsoft Hellas SA, Coordination of Local Authorities (KEDE), Greek Public Broadcasting (ERT), Piraeus Bank, Singular Logic, IST SA, ict314 etc.