o ATLANTIS Group is a brand of research activity focusing on: a) business process automation, b) systems interoperability and enterprise architecture integration and, c) economics of technical change and policy design in ICT industries. 
0 It consists of knowledge assets and people primarily affiliated with: a) the Information Management Lab (i4M Lab) at the University of the Aegean and, b) the Research Unit 9 (RU 9) of the Computer and Technology Institute and Press (CTIP)
0 The mission of the ATLANTIS Group is to develop concepts and frameworks & design technologies, applications and strategies that help business and government agencies streamline decision-making and process execution – to efficiently organize and succeed in a complex digital world. 

contact us
University of the Aegean
School of Business
Dpt of Financial and Management Engineering
Kountouriotou 41, Chios 82100, Greece
email: plavassalis at atlantis-group.gr


Most important Publications (including Conferences and Workshops): C. Panou, 2011, Document Based Interoperability Approach for Freight SMEs, at the 4th European Conference on ICT for Transport Logistics; P. Kavassalis, 2007, Key Technologies for Europe: Communications, European Commission DG Research: Key Technologies Experts Group, Policy Report; P. Kavassalis, St. Lelis, M. Rafea and S. Haridi, 2004, What makes a Web site popular?, Communications of the ACM, 47(2):50-55; More...


Researchers: Petros Kavassalis, Costas Panou, Stelios Lelis, Harris Papadakis (collab), Manolis Sofianopoulos (PhD Student), Elias Balassis (collab)

Students: Christine Chatzidimitrakou, Panagiotis Papasotiriou, Maria Dimitraki, Sofia Theodorakopoulou (graduated), Gregory Tzilas (graduated), George Aravanis (graduated), Dimitra Belia (graduated)